[beauty] Fave 5 – Mascara


So it’s been a while since I’ve done my Fave Fives so I figured it was time; as a self-proclaimed beauty obsessee, mascara is super essential to any makeup look. Even on those super casual days, a bit of concealer, blush and mascara will take you very far! This isn’t our first time proclaiming mascara or lash love on C&C, you probably remember this or even this! …Hey what can I say Coco and Cowe hearts mascara!

First off, I have to be uber honest, I am very blessed with long and curly (but not too curly) natural lashes – HOWEVER! – I feel like that makes me the *ideal* candidate for an honest review on mascara because I can really see the difference in a great wand… no seriously.

So from left to right, top to bottom … let’s go!

1) DiorShow Blackout
I absolutely love this mascara and I’m pretty sure there is no surprise, many mascara aficionados love Dior as they always create mascaras that have a glamorous faux-lash effect! What makes this mascara different than the original DiorShow is that it is made with kohl pigments so it’s an intense black. I love it, the blacker the better (that’s my rule for all mascaras and eyeliners!). This mascara gives great volume AND length, so if you’re looking for a quick option with lots of drama, this is a great option.

2) Buxom Lash Mascara by Bare Escentuals
I use this mascara for a great day-time look! It’s not clumpy or thick, great consistency not too thin or watery and can be layered over and over again. A lot of mascara’s claim that they are buildable and by the time you attempt a second or third layers you’ve got like four lashes lol, don’t worry with Buxom you’ll get a couple swipes of it!

3) Urban Decay Lush Lash Mascara
To be completely honest, if you had asked me a month ago what my top five mascara’s were, this one would’ve been in the bottom five! I was being lazy, not applying it properly or consistently, so I decided to give it another go and *voila* heaven! Lush lash is a lash-enhancing mascara that actually works! With silicone bristles, you do have to “work” it when applying; wiggle at the root and then coat the tips, you will love the effect it gives. Great separation and easy to wash off, which is a big plus for me! Be sure to get as close to the roots as possible so that the mascara can get to the lash beds, that way you’ll get the most lash enhancement treatment as possible.

4) DiorShow Extase
This one is pretty simple, its gives volume and actually plumps your lashes from the inside out; you can actually use this one alone or layered over another Dior mascara. I never get more compliments than when I wear two different mascaras layered on one another – seriously. I love this mascara because it gives great volume and actually helps to reconstruct sad and distressed lashes. My only caution is be careful when applying and take your time, it can get clumpy!

5) Sephora Advanced Lash Booster
This is an easy one, great price point ($14 CAD) and ACTUALLY makes your lashes longer, seriously no seriously. Nothing insane, so don’t expect to have falsies when you finish your tube, but you will have slightly longer lashes. What’s not to love?

Honorable mention: Tarte Multiple-eye Lash Primer
Here it is, my creme de la creme, my secret weapon. When I’m going to work and feel like having a serious fringe (basically, everyday) I put on this lash primer first, then go over with the Urban Decay or Buxom (because of the silicone bristles, it helps to separate and coat lashes evenly!) This primer also has a lash-enhancement serum infused in it and I believe it works. I use to have a weird bald patch in between my lashes that was very odd and ugly and after using this primer almost everyday underneath my fave random mascara, the patch is gone and boasts beautiful lashes instead. If you’re willing to do the extra step, you’ll def see spectacular results, plus with Tarte being a natural brand (no harsh additives of virtually any kind) what is not to love?

This post was a mouthful, but I hope I’ve given you some armor for your next beauty trip!

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