French Files – Week 1


Hey y’all!

Arrived safe and sound in the City of lights but I was sick the first few days. Seems like I developed allergies the minute the plane landed in Paris. Nevertheless, I wanted to give you a quick recap of Week 1, my next few entries will be much more exciting!

Started off my journey with a beauty essential, Clinique’s Moisture surge face spray – Thirsty Skin Relief.  A long journey on the plane can really leave your skin thirsty for moisture so I kept spraying it and my skin felt great during the plane ride and when I arrived in Paris.

My first stop after visiting my local pharmacist for some medication and getting some rest to beat the jet lag was to one of Coco & I’s favourite store in Paris, Merci.  Merci is one of those stores you can spend hours in while browsing the beautiful furniture, clothes, books and more.

Did a little shopping and by coincidence (sure…) the sales in Paris started this week. What’s great about France is that the law dictates a precise date where every retailers must put their merchandise on sale for 4 weeks, twice a year. Fair game for everyone!

Sales here feel like a National Holiday as the French take it very seriously….

Walked everyday for a minimum of 2 hours so I could work off these calories

Finally started to get hot here so I obviously had to cool off with some of the best ice cream in

Paris, Mary’s Gelato.

Finally, I feel like I’ve slept more in the last week than I have in the last 6 months. Cheers to being in vacation mode!

If you’re in Canada, wishing you all a happy and safe long weekend!

Bisous from Paris,