French Files – Week 1


Hey y’all!

Arrived safe and sound in the City of lights but I was sick the first few days. Seems like I developed allergies the minute the plane landed in Paris. Nevertheless, I wanted to give you a quick recap of Week 1, my next few entries will be much more exciting!

Started off my journey with a beauty essential, Clinique’s Moisture surge face spray – Thirsty Skin Relief.  A long journey on the plane can really leave your skin thirsty for moisture so I kept spraying it and my skin felt great during the plane ride and when I arrived in Paris.

My first stop after visiting my local pharmacist for some medication and getting some rest to beat the jet lag was to one of Coco & I’s favourite store in Paris, Merci.  Merci is one of those stores you can spend hours in while browsing the beautiful furniture, clothes, books and more.

Did a little shopping and by coincidence (sure…) the sales in Paris started this week. What’s great about France is that the law dictates a precise date where every retailers must put their merchandise on sale for 4 weeks, twice a year. Fair game for everyone!

Sales here feel like a National Holiday as the French take it very seriously….

Walked everyday for a minimum of 2 hours so I could work off these calories

Finally started to get hot here so I obviously had to cool off with some of the best ice cream in

Paris, Mary’s Gelato.

Finally, I feel like I’ve slept more in the last week than I have in the last 6 months. Cheers to being in vacation mode!

If you’re in Canada, wishing you all a happy and safe long weekend!

Bisous from Paris,



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6 thoughts on “French Files – Week 1

  1. Looking forward to more of your recommendations. Hope to be there in September! Bisous!

  2. Hi there!
    Must definitely will be giving some suggestions in my next few posts. September is a great month to visit! Bisous, Winy

  3. Hey Winy, Love your post and it definitely makes me one to pick up my suitcase and go!! Paris OUI-OUI…. Keep on updating us on Paris and your fabulous shopping!

  4. Hey Dee,
    Thanks so much! Paris is certainly a city of discoveries, no matter how many times you’ve been here and of course, the shopping…to die for !

    Bisous, Winy

  5. Winy,

    In which arrondissement are you staying? Which company did you use for apartment rental?

  6. Hi LaTrelle,
    The apartment where I always stay is located in the 5th district, I have the privileged to have access to it. We do rent the apartment and if you’re interested you can email me at

    Also, you can check out or, two of the many websites where Parisian apartments are posted.

    Take care, Winy

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