Fendi Baguette is 15! (and I’m old! yay ;/)

I know you remember it.  Arguably one of the first bags that appeared in your dreams, paving the way for all of the iconic ‘it bags’ to follow.  Blame it on Carrie and her ensuing ‘fever’, but when she slung that Fendi over her shoulder it started a wave in fashion that made many of us brush up on our label lingo and pay far too much attention to our closets.

I loved every second.

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of this little trouble maker, Rizolli  has published a coffee table tome that pays homage to it.  The book includes loads of pictures and  fun historical tidbits like: the bag was named after the famed french bread because that is how it was to be carried, like a baguette, under the arm.

Comme ci:



Ou comme ça:


To get in on the celebration, Colette is selling vintage Baguettes ranging from $800-$30,000.  But if that’s not in your budget, you can get the book for $75, a limited edition scarf for $315 and a t-shit (there’s always a t-shirt) for a mere, ummm, $500.  So maybe just the book?





p. to the s.  the one on the bottom left with the birds is asking a cool $29,907.54.  yaowza!




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  1. I’ve coveted this bag for SO long. The one in the lower right corner….YASSSSS PLS

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