Wedding Wednesdays: The Shoes

The shoes….  To a self admitted shoe addict you would think these babies would have been top of my list of things that had to be perfect for my big day.  Unfortunately for my feet, it was 110 degrees in New York on the day I decided to walk 25 blocks to my fitting.  Needless to say I was hot and a whole lotta bothered so when the sales person strapped on my dress (that was too big)  and asked me if I had shoes yet.   I quickly replied “no” and to her delight took the first pair that squished on my swollen feet.

Now when I look at my sad satin shoes that I can’t (for some strange reason) bare to throw out, I wish that I would have taken the time to find the perfect pair that I didn’t cringe at every time they catch my eye – even though you never even saw them under my dress…

With so many designers acknowledging the wedding industry, there is so much to choose from!  One of the ‘object’ shots that photogs love to take are of your shoes, plus they  can totally be worn again if you get a pair that reflects your style, so don’t be like me and take the time to find the perfect pair.

Here are some of my faves (for inspiration):



Sick of all of the white, cream and ivory?  Why not add a splash of colour on your tootsies?


And, they don’t ALL have to be sky high.  There are some really (dare I say) flats that you can either change into or wear the whole time!

Bow Tie Flats from BHLDN:


Last but not least, my personal faves: Crochet slip ons by Toms


If you’re stuck for bridesmaid gifts, you can also gift them with pairs of their own because they aren’t over the top expensive and are totally cute!


And boys (if you’re still reading) why not surprise your bride to be with a note on the sole of her shoe?  I couldn’t think of a cuter way to show your love.


What did you, are you planning to, or dreaming of wearing on your feet to your wedding?