Watermelon-Peach-Tomato-Feta Summer Salad & Freshly Squeezed OJ Sangria


Yesterday I went to my local farmers market and picked up some fresh watermelon, peaches, tomatoes and oranges to try out a new light and healthy summer meal.

I cut up watermelon, peaches and tomatoes and tossed them in a bowl. Then I added some feta cheese and drizzled some olive oil on top and TA-DAH a fresh, light and healthy summer salad.

Then I made my own version of a healthier sangria.

I first squeezed the oranges (with my old fashioned orange juice presser) to make some OJ,  added some soda water, white wine and tossed in some strawberries and grapes.

I thought it all tasted great!

Let us know if you try making either one of these and what you though of them in a comment.




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