Pandora Preview

I was recently invited to celebrate Christmas in July with Pandora at The Trump Hotel in Toronto.

In the wonderful world of PR where everything is five steps ahead of the rest of the universe, we get the chance to prepare, experience and move on from events far before they actually ever happen.  Thus, Christmas in July!  But I’m in no way complaining.  I LOVE Christmas; am a sucker for carols, wrapping paper and everything that turns normal, sane people off.

Back to School before the current school year is over; now that’s a whole other story.

On to Pandora….

My introduction to Pandora and its mania was in Puerto Rico a few years ago.   It had yet to be a major household brand in Canada and I was in awe as I approached a mob of people seeping out of and crowded around this unfamiliar store in the Plaza Las Americas mall. The feverous excitement that surrounded the entrance was incredible and I was dumbfounded; what is this Pandora and why is it making the ladies of Puerto Rico ccccrazzzy?

I was soon to discover that it’s a jewelry line that builds itself around the idea of collecting.  Every piece is customizable.  Basically, they’ve taken the idea of a charm bracelet and brought it to a whole new level.  Necklaces can be adjusted and added to; rings can be stacked.  And although I’m not a charm bracelet fan -Tiffany never hooked me in high school- their stackable ring collection is right up my alley.

Now Pandora’s all over Canada and the US and it’s caught on in a major way so I was super excited to see what’s new and what’s coming up.

This summer they’ve added fun charms inspired by customers and special events like the Olympics in London and the staff of Aesculapius to represent the medical industry.  For the fall they’ve brought in a black onyx collection, with a black heart being one of my fave pieces (pictured in top image).

I also loved the gold charm bracelet and the leather wrap bracelets (below)

The coolest thing about Pandora is that it can fit any budget.  From diamonds to leather to macramé, there’s something for everyone.  It’s also a great way to give gifts.  You can buy your girlfriend, mother or daughter a collectable piece on every occasion and build memories along the way.

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