Blog Shop & Why You Should Never Stop Learning


Ever since I stumbled upon Design Love Fest and heard about Blogshop, I had been dying to take their class.  Because they are based in LA and travel to teach classes mostly in American cities (at the time) I thought my chances were slim to none.  But after a failed attempt to book a class in the closest one they offered (New York) I sent them an email begging imploring them to come to Toronto.  And a few months later, voila!

Blogshop is a two day Photoshop bootcamp for bloggers (and aspiring bloggers) who want to either brush up on their skills and/or learn some great new tricks and tips.  Daunted by all things Photoshop and not eager to take a full college course on it, Blogshop seemed like the thing for me and after taking it I can happily say that it was all that I wished for and more.



One great takeaway from Blogshop that I’m continually reminded of is you’re never too old, young, accomplished or cool/not cool to learn something new.  Signing up for workshops and classes in whatever your field of interest is such an amazing way to not only expand your horizons but create connections.

It’s no secret that I’m shy and prefer sitting alone in my room behind my computer, but it’s times when I force myself out into the world of the real-life-living that I benefit beyond measure.  Learning isn’t something that should stop once you’ve donned the cap and gown and crossed the threshold from traditional academia into the world of the working.  It’s an ever evolving process that only becomes more beneficial over time.

Even when you think you’ve learned it all, know it all, there’s something waiting for you just around the corner.

Stay interested.  Keep learning.

Thanks for the reminder, Bri & Angela!




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