Shane Stirling Presents, Leadertape

By now you’ve probably seen this video, but since I couldn’t be more proud of and excited for, Shane, I couldn’t help but share it again.

Leadertape is a video series created by our friend, Shane Stirling, out of a passion for real, authentic storytelling.  After having a chat with him before the launch, I was so excited to see what he had meticulously been quietly crafting that when he sent it to me last week while I was in Miami, I couldn’t help but open it straight away on my phone and watch it intently on a bench in the middle of Aventura Mall. Even on the relatively small screen of my iPhone I was instantly drawn in, inspired and engaged.

Hope you enjoy the premiere film of the Leadertape series featuring Sean Brown of The Art Of Reuse and make sure to check out Stirling Notes for more.

Shane Stirling / Co. | The Leadertape No. 01 | Sean Brown from Shane Stirling on Vimeo.





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