Happy Weekend!


Summer may be coming to a close *shudder* but there are still a few weekends in us.  I can feel it!  I plan to enjoy as much of it as I can.  A trip to the EX, one last picnic and hopefully a few more rides on my new bike – if my tummy doesn’t get in the way….

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend and if you’ve got some extra minutes or hours, here’s what I’ve been reading and lusting over:

I NEED this stationary 

I still dream of this hair cut

My sister killed me with this

They say Lance doped.  He says he didn’t.  Does it change your views on him or Livestrong? 

I need to visit this shop!

I just CANNOT get over this site.  So in love.

I want to get married again because of these photos.

If I could drink, this weekend I’d be sampling some of these.

x’s and o’s


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