inspired: Molami Headphones


Labor Day may just be days away, but I’ve never really fully adhered to the ‘No White’ rule and since seeing these Molami earphones I just cannot stop my eye from being drawn to white and all of it’s cousins and siblings…

1. Molami Pleat in Napa White and Gold.  

2. Molami Bright in Napa White and Gold

3. JCrew Collection Crystal Shirt

4. Stella McCartney Compact Jersey Short Sleeved Dress

5. Zara Varied Knit Jersey (although this would look horrid on me, I LOVE the idea of an oversized boyfriend knit sweater, so cozy!)

6. Embossing, letterpress, I love it all (this one from Kate Spade is adorable).  I’ve been thinking of learning how and this kit looks really cool.

*note, I haven’t tried the earphones yet and am purely posting because of their beauty, not functionality*