Yankee Stadium

Although I’m mostly a basketball fan (it’s the only sport I was passable at) I love going to any sporting event and one of the highlights of my summer was heading to the Bronx to check out a Yankees game at the famed Yankee Stadium.

There’s something intrinsically American about their stadiums which is overwhelmingly apparent at the home of the Yankees in which they play their fabled official pastime.  Renovated in 2008 for a whopping 1.5 billion dollars, this updated version pays homage to the original which was housed just across the street and stood there since 1923.

It was swelteringly hot but we stayed until the bitter end to watch the Yanks win, all while enjoying pretzels, hot dogs and some good old fashioned lemonade.

It was a carnival of terrible-for-your-health food, but because the stadium lies within the boundaries of New York a detailed calorie count accompanied every menu item steering us clear of the FRIED DOUGH stand.  Although I couldn’t help taking some pictures.  

Fried hamburger in a donut bun?!?!  1001 calories is right!

And to make the day even more magical, a couple got engaged in true American fairytale fashion on the Jumbotron.

If you haven’t been already been to Yankee stadium and are a sports fan, I highly recommend.