Travel Tuesday: How I Planned My Trip To Florence With A Tiny Bit Of Research & 1 Phone Call

Last week I gave you a recap of my Florence trip but I forgot to mention the handy little secret that helped to get me organized for my little sojourn!

With all that had been going on in July, I had almost forgotten about my trip to Florence.  Three days before I was about to leave I finally set aside some time to make an itinerary.  Because I usually take short trips, I like to get the most out of my time so a plan is so necessary.  Unfortunately since I left it until the last minute I was kind of stuck.

Enter American Express

Leafing through my mail (that I had been putting off opening) I found an info package from American Express detailing all of the benefits that come with the Platinum Card – one of which was (to my absolute luck) a Personal Travel Service, and a 24hr Concierge! The package also featured some of the great new benefits, like a $200 Annual Travel Credit and enhanced lounge access with Priority Pass, to name a few.

I quickly dialed the number on the back of my card and was connected with a woman who was delighted to help me plan my trip.  I told her our likes and dislikes, what kinds of things we wanted to see and where we were staying.

Within 24 hours I received an email from the Amex Personal Travel Service with a detailed list of things to do, sites to see, places to shop & eat (she even found me the coolest machine for making all natural baby food!).  She encouraged me to call back if I wanted their team to make any reservations and after comparing my list with the one they sent me I called back and had them make our reservations.

Trip planned.  Easy as that!  For the few short days that I was in planning mode, Amex made me feel like I had a personal assistant – who couldn’t get use to that luxury?  (Another added benefit to the Card)

And when our trip got underway, there were a few surprises waiting for us.  At Toronto Pearson International Airport we avoided the huge line at security by showing my Amex card, which brought us right to the front of the line with the Toronto Pearson Priority Lane.  We were given access to the first class Plaza Premium Lounge where we chilled out in comfort before our flight.

Upon arrival to our hotel in Florence the Card enabled us to have breakfast for free (a savings of 95 Euro per day) and a possible room upgrade.  Unfortunately for us, the hotel was completely booked, so no luck on the upgrade, but it’s nice to know for next time that it’s a possibility.


Needless to say, this little card made us feel like VIP’s and took much of the stress off making last minute arrangements.

For more information on the great benefits that Platinum has to offer click HERE





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