etiquette for everyday: how to set the table – informal/formal

My Dad was a stickler for a well set table when I was growing up.  A serious source for frustration was when we put the forks on the knife side, and the knife on the fork side…

Now that I’m almost all grown up and have started to occasionally have people over for dinner, I wanted to refresh my table setting skills.  While putting together a summer table setting I thought it might be cool to share it all with you.

I have to admit that I’ve made some slight variations to tradition because traditionally there is a formal setting and and informal one.  The setting that I’ve fallen accustom to is a hybrid of the two because the formal setting frankly takes up too much room (and far too many dishes & glasses) and the informal lacks the essential bread plate (what’s a meal without bread?) and the dessert spoon.  For beauty’s sake, I added the yellow plate  -under the gold- simply to add a little colour.  The plate is otherwise unnecessary but adds to the hybrid nature of my table.  *breaking rules!!!*

And don’t forget to add a napkin!  Place it either on top of the plates or on the left side of the forks.

Everything is from West Elm excluding the large dinner plate and glasses which are Calvin Klein.

Bon appetite!

Stay tuned for more étiquette posts – weird passion project of mine.  Let’s bring manners back!




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