Maternity Style with Hatch


Being pregnant and fashionable can more times than not feel like a really bad joke.  There has been more than one occasion where I’ve found myself crying in my closet.  WOW.  Yup, when you’re pregnant there is little that you’re in control of and your emotions and changing body are obviously on the top of that list.

In the midst of all of the changes, a few items have really saved me and cut down those crying sessions to a minimum; things that stretch, belts (that used to fit my hips but now barely fasten above my bump), jeans and leggings with belly bands and blazers to pull everything together and HATCH!

I will post more on all of the others that I’ve mentioned but thought I would write a little love letter to Hatch (in the form of a blog post) for helping me get through this period with a little fashion dignity.


This blue is one of my favourite colours ever and it was perfect for the summer months.

And this LBD and the silk tank below were worn almost daily.


Although summer is pretty much over, the Fall collection is finally out at Hatch and there are so many fun pieces!

Maternity clothing is for the most part outrageously depressing.  Between the abundance of polyester and the all over prints (bad prints, not good prints) Hatch may be a little pricy, but it’s worth it.  If not only to feel human, but also with the bonus that the clothes are nice enough to not burn after.  You might even continue to wear them in your normal life!  Dare I say…

They’re American based but ship internationally.  The only downfall is that they don’t take returns on international orders, which is kinda sucky.  But their size guide is pretty helpful AND a portion of all purchases go to the Every Mother Counts foundation which works to increase support for at risk pregnant women and their children; so the only negative is therefore erased.

Huge fan!  Thanks, Hatch for creating a cool line for us mothers-to-be who are trying to keep it stylish during these months that occasionally feel like years.



p.s. Pics done by the lovely and talented Kiki.  I would never have done this otherwise.


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