It’s Friday! Let’s Dance!


Ipad or traditional book?  I like the convenience and weight of the Ipad for travel and nights when I can’t sleep (and don’t want to wake up the Mr) but would never give up the beauty of the book in its traditional form.  They’re probably the one thing I wish to collect and get excited after reading one and adding it to my bookshelf.

This weekend I plan to finish The Casual Vacancy and begin on NW. I also want to hit up Doc Soup (didn’t make it last week) and will be celebrating my nephew’s second birthday.  My oh my, does time fly!

Here are a few links to some of what I’ve been reading online this week:

These jeans from Paige are a must for next Spring!

I tweeted about an article discussing Lena Dunham’s 3.5 million dollar pay day,  but forgot to link it.  Voila

Kanye wrote you a wedding song…  Dig it?

“If you lie to Joe Biden, he will laugh at you”  Jezebel gives us this and 9 other reasons why you should have watched the debate last night.  It actually was quite hilarious.

Hoping to watch The Up Series in its entirety this weekend at Doc Soup

Looking forward to reading this

Love The Red Balloon and this amazing yet simple kids costume!  (grown ups could probably pull it off too!)

Washi tape gets big, I mean really BIG! 

I want to do this with my little one.  Putting it here as a reminder, hopefully I won’t forget!

For the snacker in you! (and me, nommm nommmm)

I dare you to find someone more adorable than her

And on the blog we made pink pumpkins, talked about what it’s really like being pregnant, Tara went to Berlin & Dresden and JCrew opened at the Eaton Centre!


Have a wonderful weekend and if you’re up to something fun, let us know!





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