contest!: Let’s Get Lazy. Win A Pair of Lazypants

Adored by a heap of celebrities, Lazypants are made from dreamy Turkish cotton and are the ideal ‘just kickin’ it’ pant.  We all want to be fashionable and fabulous, but every now and again we want to chill – but that doesn’t have to be at the cost of style.  Lazypants provide a cute and stylish alternative to the average jogging pant and come in a variety of colours for both Men and Women.

And lucky you!  They are giving all of you a chance to win a pair! 

How to win:  Leave a comment telling us your favorite thing to do to unwind

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This contest is open to both Men and Women.

Good luck!




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42 thoughts on “contest!: Let’s Get Lazy. Win A Pair of Lazypants

  1. My fav thing to do to unwind is to go for a walk. I follow on Twitter and like you on Facebook!

  2. I unwind in a nice warm bath with a good book.[used to be hot, but i don’t want to boil the baby;)]

  3. I unwind by..gettin’ lazy of course! There’s no better feeling then cranking some way back playbacks (think Avril Lavigne’s ‘Let Go’ & Maroon 5’s ‘Songs About Jane’) while cleaning my room; another fav of mind is going to bed early and watching Game of Thrones on Sunday nights. #foreverLAZY

  4. After a long day at work and once the kiddies are in bed I unwind by having a glass of wine and watch a few of my favourite reality tv shows.

  5. Also tweeted this comment:

    I love unwinding by baking/frosting/sharing #cupcakes with friends & family. Its a sweet way to unwind and indulge!!

  6. I like to unwind by letting my Wheaten Terrier Molly snuggle with me in bed, with a good book and sipping on a cup of Zen Green Tea… #bliss #nightsIN

  7. I unwind by lying on my couch and listening to my favorite
    Tunes! I also liked your page on Facebook

  8. Unwinding for me includes putting up my hair, finding the most comfy clothes possible and catching up on my TV. Basically exactly what I’m doing right now!! Already follow you guys on Twitter and Facebook!

  9. I unwind by laying in bed with my puppy and checking blogs and tumblrs. Preferably with chocolate nearby =)

  10. I love to unwind with a cup of glitter and gold tea from David’s and a based on a true story book. Candles lit, lights off, blinds open.

  11. on the couch rolled up in my VERY cozy/soft pottery barn throw, coffee, & vanity fair or catching up on shows i’ve pvr’d 🙂

  12. Being always on the go, from a long day of being a legal assistant/event coordinator/personal assistant, once I get home, I quickly get in a bath and relax then slip into the cozy clothes and either catch up on my shows I’ve PVRd or read a book…with a glass of wine, of course 🙂

  13. I’m in my final year of my undergrad and school is more hectic than usual so I treasure the time I get to just chill. My favourite thing to do is paint my nails while watching some reality tv (preferably something from the Real Housewives franchise)!

  14. It depends on my mood. Usually a Glass of White Wine and a good book. If its a stressfull daym, I put on Alicia Keys’ Songs in A minor and Belt out the classic album word for word.

  15. To unwind, I love going to the park or to the movies with my husband 🙂

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  16. My favourite thing to do to unwind is sitting on the couch with the boyfriend and watching a movie together with some take out!

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    Twitter: @itstanyag
    FB: Tanya Goncalves

  17. Throwing on some sweats, a loose hoodie, and kickin’ it on the couch with a cup of tea and a snack that I’d be better off with out. 🙂

  18. A book and a glass of wine, even better would be to have a fireplace at the cottage to enjoy my book!

  19. i like to unwind by working out – it lets me focus all my energies on something completely physical rather than thinking about work etc.

  20. my favorite thing to do to unwind is actually yoga! well, I guess thats more to PREPARE to unwind…but after practicing there is nothing like laying in a few minutes of complete peace in savasana! and then feeling that relaxed-high for hours to follow! and then i dont feel GUILTY for just being a little lazy for a little while because i just did something so amazing for my body, so i can go home, get in some comfy sweats *wink wink* and post up on the couch to watch some Nightmare before Xmas/Home alone/some other seasonal classic!

  21. The best way for me to unwind is to sit in my favorite café and spend a couple of hours sitting and relaxing by just doing nothing but dreaming…

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