Travel Tuesday: London!

My last stop before heading home was London.


London is one of my favorite cities and I’ve been many times through out the years as I have family there -which is nice as I save on hotels so more $ to shop!  The shopping in London is AMAZING I think I might even love it more than New York (dare I say…)  There are so many different store chains and such unique boutiques and markets I always go home with a bundle.


I’ve done most of the touristy sites over the years, so it was nice to be able to visit a place without feeling the pressure of needing to go and see everything – especially in a city like London being so big and with so much history.  But if it is your first time, the one spot I wouldn’t miss is the London Eye I have been twice and being able to see the entire city in a modern-day Ferris wheel is pretty incredible.

This time we mainly hung out and met up with family and friends had some great meals, visited some fun pubs and did a lot of shopping.  Yay!

The one place in London I had yet to visit was Stonehenge.   I have always wanted to see this historical site so one day we took the most idyllic drive out to the English country side to the area of Wiltshire – seeing many herds of sheep along the way.

We got to Stonehenge and I was very impressed, it was also really nice I got to see it with my traveling sidekick my sister Erin, my Aunt Mary and Uncle Paul it made the experience that much more.  Added bonus?  My Aunt & Uncle’s English Heritage membership got us the ability to jump the line – skipping passes 10 bus loads full of tourists – sweet!



A few other must see spots in London would have to be (IMO):

The Tate Museum and The Camden Market and the Portobello Road Market. 

Next time in I’m in London I’m going to play tourist again and check out The Tower of London, The Harry Potter Tour and The Monopoly Pub Crawl



Have you been to London?  What’s your favorite spot?  Would love to know.




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