Friday, I’m In Love….


A week ago yesterday I gave birth to my little girl, Harlowe Lake Lamb.

It still feels so strange to say ‘gave birth’ – and I can’t really explain why except to say when you’ve had something growing inside of you for over nine months and then in what seems like a moment (in retrospect – certainly not during) they are lying on your chest, it is a feeling beyond comparison.  I now, after all of this time, believe the hype.

There is no greater love, no stronger bond, no instant attraction that can compare to this.

As the post pregnancy emotions roll in (because pregnancy emotions weren’t enough) I find myself doing things that I otherwise would scoff at – crying tears of joy, staring at her sleeping little face for hours (I mean HOURS) at a time.

If there’s any magic trick that humans can actually pull off, this is it.

Thank you to all of you for being an endless support for me.  From my family to my friends to our readers, your comments, emails and phone calls have been so beyond kind and have made any part of this that may have seemed difficult, easy and welcomed.


I will be back with more posts on the journey as it progresses and probably a few more about what its really like (because those are always fun) but they might take a little longer to post as I’m completely wrapped up with this little lady who literally changes every day.


lots of love,



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