travel tuesday: Paresa Resort & Spa – #TravelWithUsThailand!



First off, let me begin by saying that in my life, I have had the opportunity to stay at some pretty fabulous and impressive luxury hotels and resorts. That being said, I am by no means an expert, but I can attest that our stay at the Paresa Resort in Kamala, Phuket, was one of the best I have ever had the pleasure to experience.


Upon arriving at the resort, our bags were immediately whisked away. A welcomed gesture, as after flying, the last thing you want to do is lug around your bags. We first met the general manager, Scot Toon, who warmly welcomed us to the resort. We then met with the resorts “angels” (the resort’s nickname for their accommodation staff), who led us from the entrance through a corridor to a massive gong sat beside large double doors. We were told that we must all bang the gong as a symbol to announce that we were at the resort to have a great, relaxing and tranquil time. That, my friends, is exactly what we did.  They then opened the doors and presto, there it was: the view! From what they call the ‘miracle lawn’, you get the most spectacular view from the cliff off to the Andaman Sea. From there, we took an elevator down to the library and were each assigned a buggy and a personal ‘angel’ to escort us to our own private villas.


Once we got to our villa, my angel, Owl, gave me a comprehensive overview of the villa, letting me know important info, for ex.: that you could control all of the lights in the room with a remote control, that there was an outdoor shower, and that no one could see into my villa if they tried!  He told me that he was there to help me with any issue and to call reception and request him if there were any problems.


I was then left alone to run around the villa as giddy as a school-girl not quite knowing what to do with myself.

After letting it sink in a bit, the #TravelWithUsThailand crew decided to all go down to one villa and have a few drinks and enjoy the private pool. We played music and had the greatest afternoon.


After some relaxation, we rejoined Scot and took a tour of the resort. He showed us the main pool, which is something to be seen in itself. There were deck chairs in the water, which you could camp out and have drinks and food sent out to you. You could even have a private dinner there if you wanted to. At night, the pool is lit up by fibre-optic lighting strands that look like stars. I was able to take a night swim and it felt like the stars in the sky were reflecting with the lights in the pool!

Down a set of stairs from the main pool, there’s a smaller pool that has rose quartz hanging in it. We were told that it is believed that the rose quartz brings loving power to the pool. They also set the quartz in the moonlight at night to ‘recharge’ it’s power. Very cute.


We then went off by buggy to check out some of the other, larger villas. The Dima Spa Villa had 4 bedrooms, an infinity pool, and an outdoor bathroom with a Jacuzzi set in the middle of the pool.

Next, we went to dinner at the resort’s restaurant and enjoyed a set menu created by the Master Chef. We were treated to a four-course meal with traditional Thai fare. It was out of this world delicious. Scot let us know that when the resort was hiring a head chef, they wanted the food to be truly Thai without any compromise. The result, as exemplified by our meal, was an elevated and educational experience. We had traditional Thai dishes like crispy fried soft shell crab with a garlic and green peppercorn sauce (Poo Nim Prik Thai Dam), coconut and galangal soup with chicken (Tom Kha Gai), and asparagus with scallop and oyster sauce (Nor Mai Farang Phad Hoy Shell). Scot let us know that they offer private cooking classes with the master chef and upon request, you can recreate any dish that you had eaten at the restaurant. Such a great idea!

Following dinner, we had the opportunity to have a late night dip in the main pool. It was so cool because the lights were on and it felt like you were swimming in amongst the stars!

The next day, we all had an early breakfast and checked out. It was definitely one of the best resort breakfasts I have ever had. They truly impressed us with their menu and attention to detail.

I had such an amazing stay at Paresa, and strongly recommend staying there if you plan on visiting the area. I know that I definitely am going back there!

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