wish list: the guy/girl who has everything….



If your person has everything, there’s a strong chance that they’re somewhat of a savvy business person.  That being said, giving them just any charity donation in their name wouldn’t be as fun as getting them on board with Kiva.  Kiva allows you to grant micro-loans to small business owners (think rural tuck shop or small farm) watch the business grow and eventually get your initial investment back – which you can then reinvest or take back.  – Winy

Flower Service:

This is something I would so totally love.  Having fresh flowers in my condo make me swoon and though I love making my own arrangements, I don’t often have the time.  Knowing that the chances of my husband sending me flowers on any prolonged basis is slim to none, a flower delivery subscription is such a dreamy idea!  And every time the flowers come, your friend/lover will think of you and how fabulous you are! – Coco

Soft Suede Wrap Journal:

Even if you have a journal, you probably don’t have a gorgeous soft-like-butter suede one. Every girl needs a fashionable journal to go along with her fabulous self. Lined with leather in a coordinating colour, the journal secures with a leather tie in the same colour as the lining. It comes in an assortment of colours such as magenta, purple, green and red. My personal favourite is the magenta. – Tiffany

Beer Making Kit:

This DIY kit comes with the specialty equipment and ingredients needed to brew your own artisanal beer right in the comfort of your kitchen. It takes approximately 30 days to brew so plan your beer fest accordingly. -Tiffany

The Game of Things:

Everyone loves a good game and this is surely one of them! – Tara

Personalized Louis Vuitton:

They may have a lot of everything, but they most likely don’t have their name on everything.  Louis Vuitton will stamp your initials on much of their classic collection so get personal!


A Portrait:

Photos are fun, but why not make the person you’re gifting a subject for some art?!  Everyone probably wants a portrait of themselves but would never be vain enough to get one done.  Mandy Stobo makes it easy; send her a photo and she’s paint it.


Limited Edition Scrabble Typography:

If they have everything they may have Scrabble, but do they have a limited edition Typography Scrabble?  Complete with a walnut storage case, magnetized game board, metal tile racks, signed and numbered? I think not.