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wish list: the foodie


1. The Whynter SNO Ice Cream Maker

I know it’s nearly winter, and ice cream’s the last thing on your mind, but for me, this prezzie’s a dream. It’s expensive, yes, but from what I have read, it makes ice cream in 20 minutes. THAT’S A BEAUTIFUL THING PEOPLE. You can make bacon maple ice cream as often as your heart desires. Yes, that may be an artery clogged heart, but I digress…

2. The Corckcicle

If you know me well, you know that I like my white wine and I like it ice cold. I’ve even been known to bend the etiquette rule and add plain old ice to a luke-warm glass or two. This here corkcicle acts like ice without bleeding any extra water into your drink. Genius.

3. The Gyoza Maker

Just pop in a wonton wrapper or make your own, add in the filling, and presto! You’ve got yourself some gyoza ready to be boiled or fried!

 4. The Curly Fry Maker

When I lived in the UK, my school campus would sometimes have curly fries available. For £2, you’d get a huge box of these guys, dusted in a semi-spicy salt. I would totally love to relive those memories with this gadget!

5. The Cutezcute Panda Seaweed Nori Punch and Rice Mold Kit

Seriously, who wouldn’t want this? I’m obsessed with Pandas, and the idea of a rice-call maker that has a nori cut-out in the shape of a Panda face is so adorable, I cannot begin to explain. Love this!

6. Molcajete Morter & Pestle

After my recent trip to Asia, I’m all about mixing spices for flavourful dishes. This mortar and pestle is made from volcanic rock that is ideal for grinding up any spices.


Merry Christmas and Season’s Greetings!

Love, Sarah



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