2013 refresh!

First off, Happy New Year everyone!

It’s a new year and no matter what people say, a new day/week/month/quarter/YEAR is a great refreshing time to start something new, improve yourself or finally finish a chapter. Over the past couple of days, I’ve definitely seen humankind become a little closer, like we typically do in the beginning of January – lots of great, inspiring, warm, quotes notes and stories to get you on the right track for 2013!

I saw a great idea to clean out your life for 2013, little things that you can do to really revive, restart and get rid of any necessary negativity in your life and I wanted to share.

Clean your phone!
-If they don’t add positivity to your life/vision/energy; eliminate ’em

Clean your mouth
-Words are power. What you speak you believe and what you believe is your reality. Pair up with a friend or co-worker and agree to be accountable for all words – each time you speak gossip, doubt or negativity – pay $1

Social media de-clutter!
Sometimes we can get wrapped up in social media and totally get anxiety seeing, hearing or reading certain posts/status’ – If what you read hurts and confuses rather than inspire and uplift; then you know what to do!

Clean your space
-Old purses/wallets/car
Anywhere that you keep money or loose change – find it, save it and try incorporating it into your expenses! Knowledge is power and honestly knowing the state of your financials is priceless.

Clean your bills
-Call your Credit card companies and inquire about a lower interest rate! Review cable and cellphone bills and revise plans according to your usage!

…Any other quick and simple tips to make your life brighter and more positive? Share below!



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