Wedding Wednesdays: The Late Night Snack, Arguably The Best Part of Any Wedding….

The ceremony is beautiful.  The reception is lovely.  The first dance, well that melts everyone’s hearts.  But more and more these days, what leaves people wanting more, keeps them staying until the bitter end and has them reminiscing glowingly for months following – it’s that darn late night mini hot dogs!  Just ask these girls:

At my wedding when we brought out the late night buffet the dance floor cleared within seconds. The earlier worries about fitting into dresses and having perfect hair and makeup were thrown out the window and the fight for the last mini grilled cheese was ON!

Moral of the story, have late night snacks and thank me later…

Here are a few ideas of what you could serve at your wedding:


Did you have snacks at your wedding or plan to?  Tell us about it!



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