Stay Warm And Have A Great Weekend….

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The Royal Tenenbaums is one of my faves.  Time for a re-watch.

I missed the Inauguration live but these pictures are such a good recap. 

My sister sent me this and it made my day.

Is there more to life than being happy?

I love this crown DIY

Will you be watching the SAGs?

Mad Men is coming back on April 7th but in more hilarious new, AMC actually has a quiz on their website that you can do to find out which one of Don Draper’s women you’re more like...  *side eye*

If you missed it, this salad is so worth making.

Ashton is a ‘method’ actor and his prep for the role of Steve Jobs landed him in the hospital.

Street style outside the Couture shows.

Lissa reminded me of our delicious and simple Kale Chip recipe.  If you’re looking for a healthy, simple snack – do ‘er!
Hope you’re having a great one!




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