2013 – The Year of FOOD!

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, challenges…the list goes on. But what I do believe in setting small, attainable, personal goals that can ultimately help you live the life you want.
For me, this year was taking ownership of what I fed my body thus learning how to cook. Cooking had never been a passion nor did I have any interest. In 2012, I ate about everything under the sun and didn’t really care of where it came from. By the end of the year, I felt sluggish, tired and in need of a tune up.

Since January 2nd, I’ve been learning how to eat clean and feed myself. I’ve been posting up a storm on Instagram (@mllebernard), because I’m so happy that I’m learning to take care of myself a few weeks shy of my 36th birthday. I may not be Julia Child – and am not aspiring to be – but it feels good to be able to take back some control over what goes in my body.  Some of you, who follow me, have asked me to share the sources of my recipes. The websites below are a great resource for anyone who is a beginner and is looking for healthy recipes or even a seasoned cook, looking to eat cleaner.

Of course, like everything in life, you can’t be radical if you want it to become a lifestyle not a temporary change so I’m using the 80/20 rule as my guide (80% clean, 20% not so clean but it won’t kill me sort of thing).

Teresa Cutter – The Healthy Chef
By far, my favourite website for healthy recipes, everything I’ve made following Teresa’s recipe has been really delicious. I’ve even bought her book, The 80/20 Diet and it’s really great.

Tosca Reno – The Eat-Clean Diet
The queen of eat well and eating clean, Tosca’s website is full of tips as well as a community board where people, following her eat clean way of living post healthy recipes.

Brittany Mullins – Eating Bird Food
Great website with tons of recipes using raw vegan protein powder and natural, simple ingredients.

Do you have any other online resources for healthy recipes? Let us know in a comment!




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