Wedding Wednesdays: Mrs Carter Did It, Will You?


No longer do we live in Western world where our future depends on those three letters handed down by a church or the state that signify your move from spinsterhood to the world of the marrieds.  We can now, more than ever, get by in corporate and public life with or without attachments and although the pressures to be married with children are still very real, the idea that you are cast aside as an old maid at seventeen is no longer a real worry.

So when I first heard that Beyonce’s latest world tour would be named, The Mrs Carter Show, it got me thinking about the tradition of changing ones name.  The perpetual romantic in me swoons at any picture of perfect marital bliss in pop culture – as real or fake as it may or may not be.  Michelle and Barack, Gwen and Gavin, Paul and Joanne (Newman and Woodward for you youngsters), Justin and Jessica, William and Kate…  Love stories for the books.  But in an age when changing one’s name has become less and less necessary, why do so many continue to do it? (Including me….) Beyonce out ranks her husband in popularity and earnings yet chooses to sidestep her individuality and make a clear statement of union with Mrs Carter – a far cry from the I Am…..Sasha Fierce days…

I know as far as my life is concerned, as the birth of our child came upon us, a name change was in the cards for me.  I had put it off for over two years (changing your name is ANNOYING! There should be a service like THIS in every country) but I knew I wanted to share the last name of my daughter mostly out of convenience and a smidge because of the romance.

What about you?  Did you or will you change your last name?

This site investigates the idea on a much deeper level with really cool stories on why or why not.



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