Studio Lagree Opens In Toronto – Coco & Cowe Aproved!

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The other day, Coco asked me to participate in a lunchtime workout to test out Studio Lagree, Toronto’s newest fitness studio.  Thinking it would be an easy Pilates / stretching kind of workout, I quickly agreed. Oh boy was I wrong….

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Developed by Hollywood fitness guru to the stars Sebastien Lagree, the intense heart-pumping 50 minutes workout has been dubbed “Pilates on crack” and it is.

Right before starting the class, I overhead Sebastien Lagree who was in town from Los Angeles to teach a day of classes say that Nicole Kidman, Courtney Cox, Britney Spears were all devotees of the Lagree Fitness method, After hearing that, I knew I was in for a ride.

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Conducted on the custom design Megaformer, the Lagree Fitness method represents the most innovative, aggressive and efficient approach to full body conditioning. Following a series of repetitive movements that work your aerobic and anaerobic strength, this workout will leave you drenched in sweat.  What’s amazing about the workout is that each move performed on the Megaformer, has an alternative in case you have some kind of body limitations and what’s even more amazing is that the workout although super hard, has no impact on your joints…winning!

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To tell you how great it was, for the next 4 days after the workout, not only was I feeling amazing but also every single time I laughed (which happens really often), I could feel it in my abs, which was painful but so good.

My girlfriend Moe told me she’s been doing the Lagree workout for a month now and it has changed her body after having a baby.  So, if you’re looking for an effective, amazing, fun new workout, check out Studio Lagree in Toronto, located at 435 Spadina Road in the heart of  Forest Hill Village, you won’t regret it.


Bisous, Winy