Recipe: Green Goodness Juice


I’ve been interested in juicing for a while and when my besite started raving about it I could resist no more and tried whipping up her favorite recipe.  I loved it so much I’ve made it a few times and have forced it down the throats of anyone who comes within a five meter radius of me.  Why?  Because it tastes good and in the midst of this never ending winter, it’s a great way to get in a ton of vitamins and nutrients without any additives.

After I posted a shot of my concoction on my Instagram, a few people asked for the recipe so I thought I would just do a quick post.  Voila!


– 1 cup of Kale

– 1 cup of spinach

– 5 thumb size chunks of pineapple (thumb size sounds weird, I know, but it’s how it was told to me and saves cleaning measuring utensils!)

– 1 orange

– 1/2 thumb size piece of fresh ginger

– 1 pear

– 2 teaspoons of chia seeds (I use the sprouted seed powder)

– 2 teaspoons of cinnamon

– 1 cup of water (optional – I added it so that it’s easier to gulp down)




How to:

Depending on your blender, either add a little at a time or throw it all in (if your machine is strong) and blend it all up!



I swear I drank this midday and it gave me a welcomed boost of energy.

Have any other juicing recipes?  Share them in a comment, I would love to try.




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5 thoughts on “Recipe: Green Goodness Juice

  1. Do you use a heavy duty blender (like the Vitamix), or does this recipe work on a regular one?

    1. Hey Sally,

      I do have a Vitamix, but I just tested it out in my Cuisinart blender and it worked just as well. If you have a blender that can handle frozen fruit and ice it will be strong enough 🙂

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