The Impossible Project Brings My Polaroid Dreams to Life

impossible iphone polaroid camera

This is hands down the coolest thing I’ve seen in a really long time.  A Polaroid printer that prints images from your iPhone?!?!

Impossible loved instant photography so much that they bought the last Polaroid factory in Holland and pledged to find a way to save instant film for future generations.  They launched a Kickstarter campaign, collected $309,232 over their initial asking and are now in the process of producing these incredible machines.

When I had a clothing line Polaroids were a must.  It was a super pain in the butt that we could only find film on Ebay for ridiculous prices and we eventually forfeited using the camera all together.  Now with Impossible, making use of all of your photos and Instagrams are as easy as loading your iPhone up to their genius creation.

I love this story! They had a vision and they brought it to reality.  Nothing cooler than that!

Watch the video to learn more and sign up HERE if you’re interested in purchasing one.





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