mummy minute: Animal Print Shop


Before little H popped into the world (and I mean right before) I finished half of her nursery.  Still thinking that I could keep it half nursery half office, I wanted to make her side of the room perfect.  I painted stripes and hung this awesome painting but it wasn’t complete.  I scoured the internet and happened upon The Animal Print Shop.  They had the most adorable images of baby animals and instantly thought they were the perfect thing to complete the wall.

I chose a monkey, some bear cubs, a lamb (obvi) and a puppy.



Now that I’ve admitted to myself that the nursery/office thing isn’t going to work, I’ve got to dream something up for the other wall….  Off to Pinterest I go!

Check out more from The Animal Print Shop HERE.  They have a few new animals that are beyond cute!



p.s. Check out the interview of the photographer behind these awesome photos on Cup of Jo


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