fit club fridays!: Top 6 Workouts In Toronto To Get You Ready For Summer!



As the temperatures slowly start to rise and the layers of clothing start to come off, we’re reminded that there isn’t much time to kick our butts into gear and get ready for pool parties and days at the beach.

Here are some of our favorite workouts from around the city:


Studio Lagree:  Winy has already waxed poetic about this butt kicking workout but since I’ve been, I have to second her emotion.  After my first class I was equal parts pissed and enthralled; it was so beyond hard but I felt insanely good once the fifty minutes were up.  Pilates on crack is right!  A heart pumping, muscle failing, whip your body into tip top shape in no time workout.  If you’re too afraid to try it alone, save the date for our May Fit Club event (May 5th) which will be held at Lagree!  You can get your ticket HERE.


Ferris 360: A heart pumping circuit training session that’s got you burning fat and building muscle all at the same. damn. time.  A bright and positive space that you’ll leave drenched, exhausted and buzzing with endorphins.  Quentin is the BEST teacher – good vibes all around.


Barreworks: No, you won’t be flouncing around in this class so leave your tutu at home!  A workout based in dance with an infusion of yoga, pilates and core training, this workout will leave you with a new respect for dancers and have you on your way to creating the body you’ve always wanted.


Union: Gravity/TRX Combo.  In Gravity you work off of a glide board using your body weight as resistance and TRX was developed by Navy Seals (enough said).  Muscle confusion, resistance training, fat shedding and body sculpting.  Plus the gym is pretty beautiful so it’s an all around great experience.

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Hourglass Workout: A fun and equally tough workout that will get you into shape and introduce you to a bunch of awesome ladies.  I’m still great friends with so many of the ladies I met at Hourglass and can’t wait to get back to it.  Plus the founder, Lyzabeth, is pretty much the best motivation ever.  Have you seen her body??!?!  #girlcrush!


Quad:  And you can’t forget about your cardio.  Spin is one of the best ways to get your heart rate up, feel the burn and shave off the pounds.  Quad is the perfect place to get in 45 minutes of body blasting cardio in a group environment where you aren’t starring at the clock begging it to be over.  Braeden’s class is killer.

What’s your current favorite workout?