travel tuesday: Family Trip to Tryall in Jamaica

Last week my family traveled to Jamaica for our first vacation together in years and the first trip with our new additions (H and my brother’s two children).


We decided just before Christmas that instead of exchanging gifts we would rent a house in Jamaica and share a family experience that wasn’t rushed.  We chose Tryall, a collection of privately owned villas on the outskirts of Montego Bay in Hanover Township – around 30 minutes down the hill from the place my brother and I were born.


There were many villas to choose from but for the size we needed (there were 10 of us!) we chose Overlook.




Being that this was my first vacation with my little girl, it was full of learning experiences.  Instead of going to bed at 5am I was waking up at 5am.  Luckily there was always a pot of freshly brewed Blue Mountain coffee that helped me through my fog and by 7am I had already gone for a run (pushing H in her stroller, now THAT is a workout).



(whoever came up with this contraption, THANK YOU!)

The mode of transportation at Tryall is golf cart which makes it much easier to navigate the expansive property.  Some houses even souped up their rides.


We couldn’t leave Jamaica without visiting three of our favorite spots: Doctor’s Cave Beach, The Pelican and Scotchies.



(already ready for her close-up…)


It was such an incredible experience to be in the country I was born in with my whole family.  Being in a house allowed us the freedom to live without a lot of timed planning and to just go with the flow as much as our little ones would permit.


Huge thanks to the outstanding staff at Tryall (especially Ryland) for making our week away one we will never forget.




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