fit club: Studio Lagree!

Ok, we’ve ranted and raved about this spot and now it’s your chance to finally check it out!  We’ve already sold out one class without really posting about it, so don’t wait until the last minute to buy your tickets because they’re going to go fast.


Here are the details:
Class Description:  Conducted on the custom design Megaformer, the Lagree Fitness method represents the most innovative, aggressive and efficient approach to full body conditioning. Following a series of repetitive movements that work your aerobic and anaerobic strength, this workout will leave you drenched in sweat. What’s amazing about the workout is that each move performed on the Megaformer has an alternative just in case you have body limitations and what’s even more amazing is that the workout (although super hard) has no impact on your joints…winning!

Time: 2:30pm and 3:20pm  (50 minutes class but show up a bit early to sign in)

Address: 435 Spadina Road (Forest Hill Village) St-Clair West – walk from station to Spadina Rd

C&C Fit Club Deal: By signing up you get access to this sweet deal: $60 unlimited for a week after class

Buy your tickets HERE

Hope to see you Sunday!