Fit Club Fridays: Flywheel!

While in Miami last week I couldn’t resist checking out Flywheel.  I had heard so much about it from friends and since there was a location in Miami Beach, I was in luck.


Created by one of the co-founders of another spin spot that I love (SoulCycle), Flywheel takes indoor cycling to a whole new level.  You sign up online with all of your info (shoe size etc) and pick the bike you want to ride and when you get there your shoes are waiting for you along with someone to help adjust your bike to the exact right height.  The bikes are a little different because they not only have very ergonomic handle bars, but they come complete with weights for the upper body portion of the ride and a little digital reader that calibrates your output and your tension or torque level.  As you ride the teacher tells you what level torque to adjust your tension to.  This makes it virtually impossible to cheat and therefore gives one kick ass workout.

The mood in the Flywheel studio is amazing.  The lights are almost out, the music is pumping and the teacher is inspiring. Plus the stadium style of the rooms make it easy for everyone to see the instructor!


There’s also a competition aspect for those of us who don’t mind a little challenge.  If you’re into it (it isn’t mandatory) you can sign up to compete and the TV screens in the studio display all of the riders by rank which is based on hard they’re working calibrated by their digital reader.  This digital reader also stores your workouts so you can also compete with yourself for your personal best!

I dragged Kiki along and although she was initially annoyed with me for getting her up early on a vacay, she was so happy we went!

Hey Flywheel, COME TO TORONTO!!!!




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