Have A Super Weekend!

I’ve been MIA this week – moving my workspace, creating some cool content and hanging with H.  I’m still figuring out the whole balance thing so some weeks are better than others.   Thanks for your emails and patience, promise that we’ve got some good stuff coming!



This weekend I will be going on a date with my Mr and celebrating my niece and nephew’s birthdays.  What are you guys getting into?

Here are some of my favorite finds and reads from the week:

I love Ashkahn!

Another place to check out in LA

We have to move Harlowe’s room and I’ve been searching for inspiration and this room is soooo perfect!

Are you going to the Grand Prix?  If so, I’m jealous.  Have so much fun!

My brother and sister are thinking of creative gifts for Father’s day and think this might be a good one.  He’s always wanted to know more about his ancestry (and frankly, so do I!)

I need these!

Loving Shelby’s blog.

These pencils are the cutest.

Love this series that Design Love Fest has put together. 

This post is so perfect for anyone aspiring to be in the blog world.

I love Emily and her living room.

The winner of the McDonald’s picnic set is: Summer Plewes!  Congratulations!  Check your email for info on how to claim your prize.




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