Wedding Wednesday: Too Many Weddings To Attend, Not Enough Dresses!

A good friend of mine has to attend FOUR weddings in the span of five weeks this summer.  I only have two and am already stressing about how I’m going to find something to wear, but four?!?  Another girlfriend of mine spent every weekend last summer at either a wedding, wedding shower or baby shower.  Eating not only into her free time but severely into her budget.


So with all of these weddings, how do you get by without going broke?  I decided to consult some of my friends who have found ways to navigate the wedding season looking stylish and not in debt.

Melissa Andre: Get one classic dress and update it for your different events with accessories.  I would go for black, knee length with a cap sleeve, so it covers all venues.  Change the look one way by doing wedges for a wedding in Muskoka, pumps for an art gallery and coloured shoes for a cocktail style ceremony.  You could add a hat for an outdoor ceremony, and a little sparkly blazer for something at night; switching out statement necklaces is also a great way to go.

And of course, there’s always Two Birds.

Me: Try your hand at renting.  Rent Frock Repeat has a bunch of stunning dresses and if you’re not into forking over the chunk of change for a dress you’re going to wear just once, this seamless rental service will send you a dress of your choice that you can wear and return (without dry cleaning) for a fraction of what the dress would actually cost.  If you’re not super comfortable with online shopping/renting (and live in the Toronto area) you can even book a consultation where you can try on the dresses.

Eva:  I’m the guilty one who has four weddings to attend.  A girlfriend of mine (who’s wedding I’m actually attending) suggested I try out  for a fancier wedding that I’m going to that calls for a gown.  She purchased her bridesmaid dresses on the site and was very happy so I gave it a go.  I just got my dress and for the price it’s absolutely perfect.

Michele:  I can’t even tell you how many weddings I’ve been to in the past two years…  Too many to count.  Two things I do a lot are borrow (I love my friends) and alter.  If I’ve worn a long dress a few times, I’ve been known to shorten it into cocktail length which instantly breathes new life into it.  Changing a long sleeved winter dress into a short sleeve one, is also a great way to reuse what you have.


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