Thursday Thought: Living my life like it’s GOLDEN!

The other day, I read an article that truly touched me at the core.  The article appeared in Australian Vogue and it was about this gorgeous plus size model by the name of Robyn Lawley.  The words that jumped out while reading it were the following “When Robyn Lawley finally grew to love her body, SUCCESS and wide-reaching SHIFT in attitude towards health and beauty followed.”



Something clicked inside of me and I said to myself; it really is that simple.

At 36 years of age, I have struggled immensely with my body image my entire life.  I’ve equated my sense of outer beauty with whatever was on the scale.  If I gained weight, it was devastating to me, didn’t want my photo taken, went on some extreme diets to lose the weight, exercised for hours on end, you get the picture.
I realize now that all that negative self-talk didn’t do me any favours. I’ve been my worst enemy when I should have been trying to be my own best friend.  Health, fitness and taking care of my body to live a long life are still extremely important to me but those things no longer dictate my self-worth.  It hasn’t been an easy process and it’s a major shift for me in the way I see or think of myself but I’m trying.

These days my face is fuller, my breast are larger, but I no longer dislike what I see it the mirror. I certainly would love to fit in my clothes again but I’ve accepted that this journey is a process that can’t be rushed and as long as I’m doing it and loving myself no matter what, only good things can happen.
We all struggle with something…  Have you struggled with your body image or something else? Have you been able to make peace with yourself? Would love to know!

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