Women of Style: Sacha Grierson & Lola Flanery



A few weeks ago, I had a conversation with our friend Elizabeth Dyer, co-owner of the greatest Children’s store ever Advice from a Caterpillar.  As we were chit-chatting and catching up, I told her how I saw a photo of a beautiful little girl on their Instagram feed. Elizabeth told me that it was Lola and I had to meet her mother Sacha who was just incredible.  Elizabeth was right; I fell in love with Sacha from the minute we started communicating. Not only was Sacha extremely kind, positive and super funny, I was in awe of how she spoke about the relationship she had with her daughter Lola which reminded me of the one I have with my mom.

Sacha Grierson is the co-owner of Eat My Words, a bakery she co-owns with her mother. Eat My Words is not your typical bakery; not only are the treats super yummy (this girl right here had 3 cupcakes – don’t judge me!) but all of the proceeds from the sale of their bake goods go to The Stephen Lewis Foundation which provides HIV / AIDS counseling, education and prevention in Africa. How amazing is that?!

Without further ado, meet our first mother and daughter Women of Style, Sacha & Lola.



Sacha: age 39 Lola: age 8

Occupation: Sacha co-owner of Eat My Words, Lola student

Current city: Toronto


Twitter: @eatmywordsorg Instagram: @sachagrierson & @eatmywordsorg


Sacha, where did you grow up?

I grew up mainly in Toronto but also South Africa with a brief stint in London.


Lola, where did you grow up?

I grew up in LA until I was 3 and have lived in Toronto ever since.



Sacha, how would you describe your style?

Maybe a little Bardot, a little Pocahontas and a little Berenson



Lola, how would you describe your style?

A smaller, cuter version of my mom.



Sacha, your go-to brands and why?

Acne, Alexander Wang, All Saints … should I go into the B’s ?

What about you Lola?

I don’t really know that many brands but my favourite place to shop is Advice From a Caterpillar in Toronto.



Sacha, what’s your favourite wardrobe piece and why?

No question, my favourite piece is my Zulu wedding bracelet. I wear it endlessly.



Lola, what’s yours?

My favourite thing is my Wovenplay feather headband.



Sacha, the beauty product you can’t live without?

Conditioner. obviously.

Sacha, a beauty secret your mom or grandma told you that you use?

The best piece of advice both my mother and grandmother gave me was the importance of eating healthily, hopefully Lola will say the same one day about me.



Lola, what’s your favourite thing to do with your mom?

I love going on trips with my mom.




Lola, what’s your favourite thing to do with your friends during the summer?

What I’m most excited about this summer is playing with my friends at my Uncle Nico’s house in Tuscany, especially because he just got a peacock !!!



Sacha, what are you currently listening to?

Music is huge for me, I listen to every genre. Right now, I’m loving All Eyes on You by St. Lucia, but I HAVE to listen to Ramble On by Led Zeppelin and Father Figure by George Michael at least once a day.


What are you currently listening to Lola?

I like ‘ Let’s hear it for the boy ‘ from the Footloose soundtrack.



Sacha, your favourite city in the world and why?

Honestly I love too many cities to play favourites.

What about you Lola?

My best is Venice. My mom woke me up in the middle of the night and took me on a gondola ride.

Sacha, who is your style icon? 

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo… if I lived in an alternate universe.

Lola, who is your style icon?

My mom.


Sacha, what are your must-have items this summer?

White denim in every possible combination.

Lola, what are your must-have items this summer?

Can chocolate gelato be a must have?



We’re officially obsessed!  Thank you Sacha and Lola!



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