Travel Tuesday: London – A Day To Day Guide by Lisa From Le Dolci!

Oh the power of Social Media!  I had posted on Instagram that I was packing for London and Lisa from Le Dolci saw and offered to send me some spots to check out.  Turns out Lisa lived in London for many years and instead of sending me a few spots, she sent me a full Saturday-Thursday itinerary – insanely detailed and full of great recommendations.  I was floored that she would go to such trouble and thought since it was so helpful to me, you guys might also enjoy reading it and/or using it on one of your upcoming trips to London!

So here’s Lisa’s Six Day London Guide:




Go to Notting Hill – Portobello Market.

Then go to Embankment Station, walk across the bridge over the Thames –go right and have a good view of the London Eye and Houses of Parliament, take a few snaps then turn around and go back the way you came.

Walk along the Southbank until you get to the Tate Gallery –you will pass a little area called Gabriel’s wharf and other cute spots along the way. Go into the Tate for a little look, check out their gift shop, then keep walking along the same path until you reach Borough Market, it closes at 5pm so maybe go to the market first then walk back to the Tate afterwards.

Borough market is an amazing food market where you can sample and see foods from around England and the world, lots of interesting people and vendors and a great outdoors vibe. Go to the Tate’s café on the top floor for the perfect view of St. Paul’s cathedral. Then cross the millennium/wobbly bridge and walk to the majestic cathedral to take some snaps.



SATURDAY (night)

– go out to a local old man’s pub, then head to Soho to see the swirling of people at night. Check out Old Compton Street the gay-bourhood and people watch. Pop into the book shops, sex shops and see what Soho is all about.

-Eat at PRINCI (Italian fast food) on Wardour Street or BUSABA (Thai, if there’s a cue it will be uber quick) on Wardour Street, both amazing and yummy! You can try IMANO on Wardour Street (the place where you order everything from a computer and play games on the screen, but you may need a reservation)

Also try BobBob Ricard for a more posh dinner and use the ‘call for champagne’ button (it’s amazing) and order lots of their cocktails. It is in the theme of an old orient express train car.



– go to the Victoria & Albert Museum and walk around their amazing fashion collections, then you are so close to Harrods so pop in there to stare at their amazing retail, try and go to the Pet Floor and see the most amazing animals and stuff to buy. Go to the food hall and just take everything in with your eyes. From Harrods walk or take the bus towards the King’s Road and go to the Saatchi gallery, this is an amazing gallery so wander around and see everything in here!! There are a lot of cool shops on the King’s Road for you to wander around and see. You will prob be exhausted after this so go to a pub and people watch.


Spitafields Market/Brick Lane/Old Street is great on a Sunday it is at Liverpool St. Stn -you must check out all of their independent designers, cool outdoor street markets, cool and hipster restaurants and amazing vibe. Go to Shoreditch House and eat at Pizza East or try Les Trois Garcons which is AMAZING inside. Owned by 3 gay guys it is curated inside like a antique shop.

Or go to Notting Hill act like a local and do a Sunday Session at The Westbourne, the ‘it’ pub where all the cool locals hang out and drink all afternoon on the patio. They have great food too.



-go see the Changing of the Guard at Buck Palace, then walk through St. James’ park to Trafalgar Square and visit the National Portrait Gallery, and St. Martins in the Crypt, both free to pop into.  From there make your way to Covent Garden, just ask people and they will point you in that direction, it is east – or just to the right of the National Gallery if you are standing directly in front of it.  Walk around the stalls and shops of Covent Garden, sit in the piazza for a break and watch the street performers and then keep walking to Chinatown and Soho. Wander around both neighbourhoods and people watch.



– go to The Tower of London, walk across the Thames and visit Tower Bridge, take pics and walk along the South Bank towards London Bridge Station and walk through the large Hays galleria. Take the Tube back to Bond Street Station, go to Selfridges and then walk along Oxford Street to the big Top Shop at the Corner of Oxford Street and Regent Street. From there, walk around Carnaby Street, right behind Oxford Street and just enjoy the whole neighbourhood.



– Go to Camden, it is a cool market area with lots of freaky people around, don’t look to glam in this place, it is very casual/grungy but there are amazing market stalls and cool people, it is a bit rough at points but it won’t affect you during the day. If you can go at night go to the Camden Barfly for live music and the clubs/pubs, Gilgamesh is a cool thai restaurant with crazy decor. Or go to the Go the camden stalls on the 2nd floor of the market where you will find amazing antiques and crazy market stalls.

Try and see a performance at The Roundhouse, their programming is always spectacular!



-wander around Notting Hill, Westbourne Grove and go to the Prince Bonaparte for a pint! ·   Walk into Beach Blanket Babylon in Notting Hill to just have a drink or dinner– it is very cool inside

Get off the tube at Notting Hill and walk around Portobello Road, it is not market day but there is a lot to see. Westbourne Grove has some cool/posh shops and places to look at. Go back to Notting Hill gate station and take the 31 bus to High Street Kensington, or walk if it is a nice day. Wander around High Street Kensington and walk to Kensington Palace in Hyde Park to see where Princess Diana lived.


*bonus* IF YOU CAN, GO TO:

  •  the Wolosley for Afternoon Tea or dinner, always the rich and famous there casually eating.
  • St. John’s Food and Wine in Smithfields, a dinner to die for.
  • Commercial Tavern in Old Street.



Thanks so much Lisa!

If you’re into sweet treats (who isn’t) don’t forget to pop over to Le Dolci and taste some of the deliciousness that Lisa and her team whips up daily!  Oh and they also teach amazing classes like this one.

Stay tuned for my London wrap up next week.  I visited a bunch of Lisa’s recos and also some of my favorite old haunts.

Got any London recommendations?  Let us know in a comment!

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