5 Spots: London, England

Armed with Lisa’s advice and some searching of our own, we hit the London streets with a vengeance and made the most of our 4 days there.  There are WAY more than 5 spots that we love in London but since we’ve covered the city a few times (and in an effort to not completely bore you) here are our latest 5 Spots.

Bob Bob Ricard:


Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 11.58.50 AM

Located in the Soho Theater District, this fantastically opulent restaurant serves up a menu of hearty English and Russian dishes and more importantly, champagne.  The room was stunning, the service – perfect, but it was the champagne – mostly the fact that you could press a button to get it – that won my heart.





Portobello Road:



Who doesn’t love a good market?  And since Potobello Road Market is the biggest antiques market in the world, you have to make it a stop.  As advised, we went on Saturday and it was teaming with people and things to look at.  I picked up a few original antique Disney prints for H and some other cute souvenirs.



The Dorchester for Tea:


We love us some Afternoon Tea here on C&C and truly no one in the world does Tea service better than the Brits (save maybe in Hong Kong at the Peninsula) something about place of origin, etc…  Waiting lists for High Tea at some places, like Claridges and The Dorchester, can book up a month in advance – luckily for me, I was staying at the Dorchester and guests are given first dibs on reservations.



Afternoon Tea at the Dorchester takes place in their Promanade and let me tell you, never have I seen what would normally pass as a hallway look like this.  Towering florals, large sumptuous chairs (with extra pillows available for your added comfort) the perfect lighting and temperature.  A delectable array of the classics were served, crust-less sandwiches, scones, desserts, but the the mini ice cream cones served as an added bonus were a fun surprise at the end.




The Borough Market – especially Kappacasein



Lisa had mentioned this market and Tonya had insisted I go directly to Kappacasein – and boy was she right!  We decided to skip breakfast and walk from our hotel along the Thames to the market in an effort to work up the correct pang-in-stomach hunger that would justify the sandwich that Kappacasein is famous for, the Toasted Cheese.  Not much more description necessary here, so much cheesy goodness that the bread is almost irrelevant.






The market is also fabulous.  One of the oldest of it’s kind, The Borough Market serves up amazing produce and also some really interesting and adventurous culinary treats.


Bike Ride through Hyde Park:




Like our Bixie bikes, London has a ‘bike for hire’ program sponsored by Barclays and there are tons of them all over the city.  We picked up a couple at Hyde Park and rode around the stunningly beautiful park making pit stops at the famed Speaker’s Corner and by the water.



After going through the photos for this post it looks like I might have a few more faves to share….  This city is too incredible!

Stay tuned!