Thursday Thought: Do Your Best And ‘F’ The Rest



Although some days you wake up feeling like superwoman, let’s be honest, life isn’t always cheerful and filled with rainbows and sunshine. There are times when you probably just want to throw in the towel because your to-do lists are more than a mile long, you are being pulled in multiple directions and on top of all that somewhere in the mix you also have to find time to chase your dreams and passions. How is it that some women make it look so easy to find balance? First of all, it’s not easy, but the common thread I’ve noticed in most females who are successfully juggling it all is that they follow a simple rule of thumb: Do your best and forget the rest.

Women face plenty of obstacles in their lives and careers, but the biggest roadblocks they face may be self-created. Throwing yourself a pity party or creating low expectations will only attract low results and the frustration shown across your face will only attract wrinkles. Understand this, life is a work in progress and if you plan to make the best of it, there needs to be boundaries between what you will and will not allow to occur. Set goals and de-clutter your life from the people and meaningless tasks which hold you back from achieving them. It’s okay to say ‘no’ sometimes (learn to master it because it’s an amazing feeling) and it’s okay to take a time-out to collect your thoughts. Take care of you first and foremost because there are many people in this world who have been or will be impacted by what you have to offer.


No matter how impossible or unimaginable something may seem right now, if it’s meant to be it will be. You will get where you need to and not a moment sooner. So don’t rush through life frantically. Relax, breathe, do your best and be patient.
Peace & Love,
Pauleanna Reid (www.pauleannareid.com)


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