Thursday Thought: Why You Should Be The Centre Of Your World

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Since the hustle and bustle of the Toronto International Film Festival has ended, the luxurious red carpet has been pulled up, the streets are relatively quiet and with no celebrity in sight, many Toronto citizens have no choice but to return to their everyday lives.


After a lovely dinner over at Luma, I walked down King Street west where I encountered many screaming fans holding their camera phones high in the air to freeze frame what they considered a picture perfect moment. While trying to make it to Union station in one piece, amidst the chaos, a young gentleman almost took off my head in attempt to take a snap shot of an unknown woman walking down the aisle signing autographs and graciously waving to the fans behind the gate. He was so focused on his goal that he didn’t even notice his aggressive behavior could’ve resulted in a serious injury. To him, I was only an obstacle in his way. I was so curious about the reason for all the pandemonium so I asked, “Who is that?” and he turned to me and screamed with animation, “I have no idea, just take a picture and Google it later.” Then he quickly disappeared into the crowd. I turned to my girlfriend, we held our stomachs and had a good laugh.


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The obsession that some people have with celebrities never ceases to amaze me.  Some people will go through such extreme lengths for momentary pleasure but will rarely invest the same work ethic and drive into their own lives. Imagine the possibilities. Imagine you took the same high-level energy and excitement you show towards entertainers and invested it into your dreams and passions. Imagine stepping into the spotlight and making yourself the center of your world


Paint that picture for me. What would your life look like?


It’s easy to get lost in the waves of enthusiasm which often surrounds big events here in the city. But don’t forget that you are pretty awesome too. The qualities that make you different and the same ones that make you special and that alone is worth celebrating. Remember, you are an individual, an original, a masterpiece. It’s okay to admire others, but in the process of doing so don’t lose sight of the real star, you!

Peace & Love,

Pauleanna Reid


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