Baby Halloween Costume Fail


I saw this post on Oh Happy Day and couldn’t wait until Halloween so I could play dress up with H.  Only thing I didn’t realize while prepping the costumes was that my baby would have absolutely no interest in playing along.  Nevertheless it was a pretty hilarious process and we both had a ton of laughs, mostly her at me as she crawled away from me at a speed that I still don’t understand.  She literally crawls at warp speed, it’s unreal.

I couldn’t help but share this post as 1. a cautionary tale, keep your expectations low when it comes to babies and costumes (ones that zip up are best) 2. it’s a great reminder to me that with a baby most things (if not all things) hardly ever go your way.  It’s about the journey, not the destination.

Here are the three that I tried:

H as Frida Kahlo here and above.  She had a particular hatred for the shawl and the eyebrow makeup.  She was very upset that I wouldn’t let her eat it.


2. Donald Trump which just ended up looking like a smarmy banker.  H has really long pieces of hair at the side and not as much on top so I thought it would be hilarious for her to be Donald Trump with a massive comb over.  It didn’t really pan out but it was the costume she liked the most.  Mostly because I gave her a spoon to play with…



3. Old school bodybuilder.  The fake weights were made from balloons attached to a paper towel roll.  She was obsessed with it and usually her obsessions translate into her doing whatever she can to break it apart.  Needless to say, getting a picture of her with her weights was next to impossible. But she had fun!



see ya, Mum!



I ended up settling on a lamb one piece for her outing today.  She’s not 100% sold on the hat, but at least she’ll be warm!  Check out my instagram for pics this evening.