Indigo? I’ve Got An App For That!

Just in time for the Holidays, Indigo has launched their mobile app for iOs.  For a book lover like me the app makes shopping for books easy and quick with an option to send to your Kindle App or ship directly to your home (for free if you spend over $25).  Plus, when you buy from the App many of the books are discounted.

I picked these up:



I also snagged this adorable print from Stephanie Sterjovski that I can’t wait to hang.  As you may know Indigo has been moving more and more into the gift and home departments and many of these awesome products are also available on the App.



One of my shopping tips for the Holiday season is to buy online.  This App makes it even easier, shop from your phone!

Check it out in the App store on your phone.





For You

2 thoughts on “Indigo? I’ve Got An App For That!

  1. Ah Me Before You was a good one. That launched my love affair with Jojo Moyes. Have you read The Girl You Left Behind? Sooooo good. I was reading it on my Kindle but got so into it that I had to also buy the audio version so that I could listen to it on my way to and from work too because I couldn’t stand to leave it for the day. SO good.
    I’m curious to hear your thoughts about the Bridget Jones book.

    1. Yay! Really excited to read Me Before You now. I’ve only heard good things. As for Bridget Jones, I will keep you posted. I haven’t heard great things but I liked the other ones so we’ll see!


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