A Few Questions with Lucian Matis & His New Home Line


I recently had the pleasure of interviewing renowned Canadian designer, Lucian Matis, at his pop-up at Shops At Don Mills. You may remember our coverage of the first pop-up a month back (link) where Lucian did so well that he decided to take over the space for an extended exclusive stay.


Lucian and I had a great chat about his gorgeous new home line, Lucian Home, and his love for The Shops.


Check it out:

1. I am in love with your Couture and RTW lines. What prompted you to start a home line?
It was a natural progression for the Lucian Matisse brand. One of my co-workers from back in the day (2003) approached me and said he’d love to work with me on a project and we came up with the whole Home by Lucian Matisse concept because we felt there was a huge hole in the market for something a bit more industrial but with a more finished polished look.


2. I see a lot of beautiful homeware in here but will you eventually graduate into actual furniture?
We definitely will be getting into furniture. It’s a different ball game altogether and even doing this collection was quite interesting because I wanted to take the elements of the fashion I create and infuse it into my home collection. Like taking this basket woven dress and use it as the inspiration for this cushion.


3. What are some of your favorite pieces from the collection?
I love our gorgeous hand knitted throws. I actually need them in my home. I love the beautiful hand knitted feel. I also really love the cowhide cushion collection. I would love to own every single one because they’re masculine yet feminine. A beautiful cross between the two.

4. So we’re here at Shops at Don Mills and I’m wondering, from your experience, is there a difference between an outdoor mall/indoor
Definitely there is. The way the customer shops here at Shops At Don Mills is an experience. They come for lunch or dinner at one of the really good restaurants and shop before or after. And now that they’re opening a movie theatre it’s really an entertainment destination that you can spend the whole day at.
Also parking is accessible, close and free!

Thanks for the chat Lucian!

Here are some of my favorite pieces from Lucian Home:



If you have yet to visit Shops At Don Mills and the Lucian Matis pop-up GET THERE! It’s such a nice change to the traditional mall setting plus as Lucian said, there’s so much more than shopping. You can grab a bite at one of their yummy restaurants or pick up some specialty food from the most delicious boutique grocery store out there, McEwan.

Happy shopping!



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