C&C Wishes: The Techie





Photive iPhone 5 Portable Battery Charger

If someone you know is a techie then they’re probably always using their phone and are always running out of power.  This portable battery charger is a lifesaver.


Microsoft – Surface

I know every year we talk about the iPad or something Apple but this year I have to say Microsoft won. The Microsoft Surface seems like a fantastic buy – great packaging, so many cool features at the price point is affordable!


Kindle Paperwhite Touch Screen

Some might consider me old school because I still love a hardcopy book. I love the new-book smell and writing notes in the margins as I read it, but recently a girlfriend suggested I try something new and so this Christmas I am hoping for an E-Reader. It’s designed to provide the best reading experience and for a bookworm like me, it seems like the perfect fit.


Python Felony iPhone case

Maybe not a piece of technology BUT your tech should look good, no?  I love Felony Cases and their new collection is super slick.  This python case is super high on my list.


Macbook Air

I love Macs and have owned a Macbook Pro since I left for law school in 2009. It’s lasted nearly five years, but the battery life is waning and I don’t think the fan is working (I’m definitely guilty of dropping it a few times off of my bed). The latest Macbook Airs have up to 12 hours of battery life. That is insane. Plus, they weigh 2.38 pounds. No more sore shoulder commutes.


LG Pocket Photo Mini Mobile Printer

Obsessed with Instagram? Guilty as charged. Now you can print your photos too with the LG Pocket Photo Mini Mobile Printer. Just connect this little device to any Android phone (sorry iPhone users) via cable or Bluetooth and you can have tangible photos instantly.