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Why Not Give A Little Hope This Christmas with Doves Of Hope?

This week on Coco & Cowe it’s been all about gifting; what to give, where to get it.  But one of my favorite gifts to give needs a little more attention.  Last year I introduced you guys to the Doves of Hope campaign.  If you don’t remember, it’s a program put on by Princess Margret, Canada’s leading cancer research centre, where people are asked to dedicate a dove in honor of someone special to them – it can be someone affected by cancer, a caregiver or your own personal hero.  The paper doves are hung in the atrium at the Princess Margaret Hospital and create a magical visual display of support for patients and loved ones.




Last year I dedicated my dove to my friend Mandi who in her early 30’s discovered she had breast cancer.  I was blown away by her courage during that time and am thrilled to let you know she’s now officially in remission – fully cancer free!

This year I decided to dedicate my dove to my great Uncle Charlie.  I only got to meet him once on a trip to my Mum’s hometown of Dundee, Scotland.  He was one of those men who always had a sly smile and a joke.  He would sing a song at a drop of a dime and would make any room light up.  I had heard so many stories about him before I met him that it only took one meeting for me to feel like he would be a part of my life forever.  Though we never met again (he was taken by cancer) stories of my Uncle Charlie will live forever.  I honor him with my dove as a reminder of how to live life when you’re here.  How to make the most of every situation and to be hopeful until the end.


The Doves of Hope campaign is an amazing gift for anyone in your life who has been touched by this insanely cruel disease.  Over the past 12 years almost 55,000 Doves of Hope have been created to not only spread goodwill and hope but to help fund one of the leading centres for cancer research.  Princess Margaret  Cancer Centre is one of the top 5 research centres in the entire world!


Join me in dedicating a Dove and shed a little light, love and hope on an otherwise grim situation.   Click HERE to get started.


Check out this video for some more info:




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  1. Ooh…Uncle Charlie! Everyone should have an uncle like him in their life. So glad his memory lives on xx

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