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My friend Clémentine is everything I think a woman should be; confident in her own skin, beautiful from the inside out and totally sexy. As a curvy model, this French bombshell has worked with a multitude of clients including American Apparel, Castaluna, Monif C and recently graced the cover of the new Canadian magazine Dare Magazine.

Her style reminds me of being in the South of France, during the summer, where you see countless beautiful French women with effortless style.

Meet Clémentine, our latest woman of style.

Occupation: model

Current city:  New York City

Website: bonjourclem/tumblr.com

Twitter / Instagram: @bonjourclem



Clémentine, where did you grow up?

I was born in Toulouse, France. I grew up with my mum traveling quite a lot. From South of France to North to study in Lyon and Paris …

How would describe your style?

I do not believe I have a distinctive style. I fall in love with items and wear them. I love to think I can be someone else every day just by changing outfit…  I’ll have a rock and roll look on Monday , hippie chic on Wednesday and femme fatale on Saturday. 🙂

Which brands do you gravitate to and why?

I am not attracted to brands. Brand names are not important in my clothing choices… I do have favourites when it comes to accessories though … French brands get my vote; Dreyfus, Darel, Hermes, Cartier, Marrant…
Your favourite wardrobe piece and why?


Right now with Fall, I’m loving my nice comfy sweaters … Bordeaux, Mustard, printed … Cool, chic and comfy …


The beauty product you can’t live without?

I use olive oil and cocoa butter on a daily basis. I love all natural products… Only nature’s best for my skin !


A beauty secret your mom or grandma told you that you use?

My mum always told me that using a daily moisturizer and having plenty of sleep are key to maintain beauty … My grandma says that getting daily sex is the key to beauty!

clementine ,c&c

What are you currently listening to?

My favourite playlists are Bob Marley, John Legend, The Fugees and I recently discovered Amel Larrieux …


Your favourite city in the world and why?

My heart is split between country and city life… But city wise I think NYC was always the greatest fascination for me… London also has this crazy twist that I love! And Paris of course is on my list … But there is so much more to discover and new cities might become my favourites.


Who are your style icons?

I love muses… Gala to Brigitte Bardot or Even Kate Moss… Being an icon is much more than style…


What are your must-have pieces this Fall?
Cozy sweaters, sexy lingerie, over the knee leather boots and creamy pumpkin soup 🙂

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Thanks so much Clementine!




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