14 Products That Helped Me During My First Year of Motherhood

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Things change so quickly but as I was giving away some of the things I used with H during her first year to some friends with newborns I thought it might be nice to do a little recap post of the things that helped make being a new mother easier.

Natursutten Orthodontic Pacifier


My Dr wasn’t so into H having a pacifier, but my sleep deprived body was and if you’re going to go down the soother route, these are awesome.  Made from 100% natural rubber from the Hevea brasiliensi tree.  They’re said to be more hygienic because they are molded from one piece of rubber with no joints that can accumulate dirt.

Skip Hop Activity Gym


My good friends Maria & Bruna popped over one day shortly after I had H along with this Skip Hop Activity gym.  I had no idea what it was or why I needed it but as soon as I lay H down on it and she started to stare up at the hanging toys – giving me even a few seconds of time with my free hands- was such a relief!  Leave it to mothers to know exactly the right thing to bring over for a new mum that hasn’t a clue!



I must admit, I was first attracted to Honest simply because Jessica Alba was part owner of the company…  But since I got my first delivery, I’ve been hooked ever since.  With eco friendly ingredients, the cutest diaper patterns and monthly delivery (I never have a last minute I’m out of diaper freak out since I signed on) you can’t go wrong!

7am WarMMuffs

H was born in November, and living in Canada meant that there were many dark months ahead of us.  All I wanted to do was get out of the house with her and move around in the fresh air, but the weather left me less than inspired.  Having to find ways to stay warm was interesting but these stroller gloves by 7am were a godsend.  Not only because they keep your hands warm while pushing the stroller but also because they’re simple to slip on and off and you never lose them because they’re attached to your stroller!  Magic!

Electrolux Kettle

Having quick access to boiled water with a baby is pretty much a maximum life saver.  Whether for formula, to sterilize things (to make tea) it’s essential and though I found this Electrolux super fast boiling kettle – that also can keep water at your desired temperature at any time – pretty late in the first year, it’s still a daily saving grace that I wish I had earlier.

 Go The F*CK To Sleep


My hilarious Aunt gave this to me and I swear, on those nights when you actually think you might meltdown, open this book, read it out loud, and everything (even just for a moment) will be fine.

Cradle & Swing


I didn’t have this exact model, but something similar and it was another saving grace.  At first it was just a nice way to have some hands free time but then when H started playing with the hanging toys it was such a thrill!  It’s crazy how the tiny bits of progress in your baby’s life are so magically momentous.

Bamboobino washcloths

Super soft, super absorbent made from bamboo and cotton.  Perfect for bath time, spit up, cleaning etc.   Buy or give these in bulk.  So good.

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste

I was lucky enough to not have many diaper rash incidents with H, but when we did, this stuff was the only thing that cured it – and I tried everything until someone recommended this.  It comes in Original, All Natural and Maximum Strength and though I was only able to find the Original at Shoppers, it worked wonders.  I would like to try the All Natural next (hopefully I don’t have a reason too!)

Crane Humidifier


My condo is pretty dry and this humidifier does the trick in H’s room plus it’s also much more stylish than the big old clunky one I have in my room.

Live Clean Baby

Eco friendly, plant based, organic and smells delicious!  Nothing better than the strangely intoxicating post bath baby smell.

Sleep Sack

H wasn’t much for a swaddle, but her sleep sack, HUGE fan.  Because you’re not supposed to use blankets with newborns, sleep sacks are an amazing alternative.  At one point it became part of her ‘go to bed’ ritual and made putting her to sleep much easier.




Another exceptional hands free enabling device (see a pattern here – bad mother!)  But this one is great because it encourages upright sitting.


Nespresso Machine


Being that it was cold and dark during our first few months together, an at home coffee maker was a saving grace.  The added bonus of a milk frother that my mother got me for Christmas made it even more perfect.

Most importantly,  all of my friends and family, you readers, Instagram and Facebook friends who provided great recommendations and super sound advice that I really relied on.  Couldn’t have gotten through without you!

What other baby things could you not live without year one?









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