My 30 Day Yoga Challenge with Moksha Yoga Downtown


I’ve always been horrible at yoga.  Impatient, restless, always thinking of a million and one things….  So when my friend Mimi told me about a 30 day yoga challenge that was happening this past January I couldn’t think of a better way to start the year.  Yoga’s supposed to clear your mind and get you centered, right?  Right.  Well it wasn’t as easy as I thought.  Day 1, cool.  Day 2, not so bad.  Day 4, make it stop.  Day 5, shoot me….  But it wasn’t the yoga, it was finding the time to do yoga.  Every.  Single.  Day.

It wasn’t until I was in one particular class and the teacher was really focusing on being present and at peace that my feelings started to change.  I was thinking about two things as he was speaking, 1. how much I hate Warrior Pose and 2. What was I going to make for dinner….  Totally checked out and just going through the motions.  But then he said this quote by Pema Chodron:


pema chodron

And for some reason I actually stopped my brain and started to listen.  I’m not sure why this quote moved me so much at that moment but it did and when it did there was a diametric shift in my yoga practice.  I started showing up a little earlier, it wasn’t so hard to get to class and I really, really looked forward to it.  I started to not only see the benefits – clearer skin, better sleeps at night, not so much lower back and hip pain, better posture- I also really started to feel them.  But best part about the whole thing is I was able to find time for just me and a way to quiet my crazy brain.

I did an interview with the lovely Chrissy of Moksha about my experience and it will be rolling out on their Facebook page this month.  If you like and comment on the posts you are automatically entered to win a 5 class pass! Check the first one out HERE

Thanks Chrissy & Moksha!  You guys rock!






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